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Sandy and Richard Riccardi

People Are Talking.......Here's What They Are Saying....

"Together, Sandy and Richard Riccardi made for one hell of a rib-tickling and satisfying cabaret night out." Peter Leavy, Cabaret Scenes Magazine

What people are saying on YouTube about Sandy and Richard Riccardi:


"Hot and sexy with a great amount of cleverness."

"Too freakin’ funny."

"Really BRILLIANT satire - some of the best I've heard since since Tom Lehrer was in his heyday."

"Clever. Brilliant. Hysterical."

"For intelligence, wit and musicianship, this is at the top."

"Beautiful voice, brilliant lyrics, lovely delivery."

"VERY entertaining, VERY strong, VERY moving."

"Simply beautiful."

"This is one of the more brilliant things I’ve seen in my life."

"I ROARED with laughter."

"I laughed so hard I thought my ribcage would explode."

"I can’t stop laughing. So funny."

"Thoroughly amazing and hysterical."

"Brilliant political commentary."

"I’m in tears of laughter and adulation."

"Thank you. I’m still glowing and grinning and crying."

"Absolutely brilliant."

"The Moose is sublime."

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