Sandy and Richard Riccardi

2020 (Can you believe it?!)

Join us New Year's Eve in Black Mountain, NC!

We will be ringing in 2020 at The White Horse (near Asheville) with a mix of sparkling comedy originals, progressive parodies and even some classic jazz. There will also be a dance band, so reserve your tickets, wear your blue shoes and come on out! Festivities start at 9:00 PM.

January 24th 2020

White Horse, Black Mountain

June 19th 2020


Cabaret at Germano's Piattini

June 20th 2020

New York City

The Triad Theater

June 27th

Cape Cod

Orleans Historical Society

2019 Spring Tour Schedule

June 1st Cape Cod

Orleans Historical Society

Call museum for info:

June 11th Pittsburgh

Hambones! (Pub)


July 13th Cotati, CA

At the New Cotati Cabaret!

(Ner Shalom)